Naturopathy, Reflexology and Iridology in Nice

Naturopathie, réflexologie et iridologie

Naturopathy was synthesized in France in 1935 by biologist Pierre-Valentin Marchesseau (1914-1994), the founder of Naturopathy in France. It takes into account the individual’s physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual states.

Disease is Not Inevitable

Naturopathy teaches that disease is not inevitable, or something that’s a result of random bad luck, but is the result of our behavioral errors (stress, pollution , junk food), which are contrary to the natural laws of life.

These behaviors pollute our cells and contaminate our body fluids.

Positive health is linked to the purity of fluids (blood, lymph, sera intra- and extra cellular) that bathe our tissues.

Stimulation of Vital Force

Naturopathic medicine recognizes the principle of a vital force within us that allows for self-healing. It is this vital force that will stimulate naturopathic mechanisms by different natural maneuvers.
Viewed from the angle of vitalism, disease is therefore the manifestation of a healthy organic self-defense reaction to purify the internal environment which is overloaded with toxins.

Relearn the Natural Laws

The naturopathic practitioner focuses primarily toward prevention. It is based on a holistic lifestyle, of both bodily and mental nutrition, using natural agents across 10 major families of techniques:

  • Food Science (Food Hygiene)
  • The Biokinégym (or biokinésie, physiological movement)
  • Hydrology (internal or external use of the benefits of water on the body)
  • Psychology
  • The Phythologie (use of plants and essential oils )
  • Reflexology
  • The actinological (solar radiation, lunar, chromotherapy)
  • Pulmonology (oxygenation)
  • The Palmistry (body sculpting)
  • The Magnétologie (fluids, magnetism)

Three hierarchical Cures

Naturopathy is organized under three hierarchical cures: the detoxification cure, revitalizing treatment, and the stabilization cure.

Of course, these recommendations are customized according to the temperament of each person, their vital force and the effort that person is willing to make to change his or her lifestyle .

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