Emotional Management with Naturopathy


We know that a lack of control can result in a wide variety of problems, for example a lack of food control, or lack of behavioral control. But it is also the case in all other aspects of life, and emotions are certainly no exception to this rule.

Letting our emotions go without any form of self-control and guiding our behavior can lead us into many setbacks and, from a health point of view, certain situations could be catastrophic. In fact, strong emotions have a pernicious effect health, they can cause a high production of adrenaline, increased heart and respiratory rates, increased blood pressure, reduce the effectiveness of the immune system, reduce digestive capacity, inhibit the work of excretory function, unnecessary energy expenditure, even fostering the emergence of disease … In fact, intense emotions cause the same effects that stress does, and it is also stressful to the body!

Whatever the elements related to negative emotions (fear, anger, grief, sadness, hate, etc.), they disrupt the body and damage health. It is therefore important to control emotions in order to preserve your health.

Emotional control cannot be achieved without being in harmony with oneself and at peace with others. In other words, we must maintain a good emotional balance.

Emotional balance is something that’s acquired over the years. A baby cries when hungry, but not adults.

Beyond experience and years, emotional control requires you to not be disturbed at the slightest displeasure or difference of opinion. It also implies that our own behavior does not always depend on the actions of others.

The person who is well balanced emotionally should always be able to reason well and deal with all situations.

If you’d like guidance in improving yourself in order to reach full control of your emotional well-being, I encourage you to contact me and arrange for a private consultation.

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