A Little Bit of Sunshine goes a Long Way

Did you know your body needs vitamen D in order to successfully process calcium? Bet your milk carton doesn’t tell you that! 10-20 minutes of sunshine on your bare skin every day is an essentual part of your diet and your health.

But won’t I get skin cancer? I hear you rant, you won’t get any sun damage if you don’t over-do it for the same reason you won’t get fat if you don’t over-eat. Eating too much, even of the right foods, is bad for us but does that mean we shouldn’t eat at all? Of course not. It’s the same with the sun. All the hype over the evils of sunshine and never going outside without sunscreen is absurd.

Our ancestors knew that the middle of the day was hot and common sense told them not to lie out in it because it was uncomfortable, hence the concept of siesta. Many species take a nap in the hottest part of the day out of the sun. They stop hunting and they get into the shade. Don’t think we humans should be any different, no-one thinks it’s a good idea to burn themselves but that doesnt mean we don’t need the sun. All life needs sunlight and depraving your body of it is a mistake.

Take it slowly, start off with just a few minutes in the morning or arfternoon when the sun is weaker. If you burn easily and don’t tan then build up slowly to 5 minutes and eventually you should be able to tolerate 10 minutes of weak sun a day. For those who tan, progress at less than a minute further a day, and add more as you notice some colour coming through. I don’t it’s neccessary to go over 30 minutes a day (in weak sun). A tan acheived this way, and not through over-exposure and using sunscreen where you over-heat and often burn anyway without getting the benefits will give you a much more beautiful skin than those who insist on torching themselves for a quick result.

As always, use common sense! Burning is never good and if you feel it happening or see it happening get out of the sun! All things in moderation, just like eating.

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