Boosting The Immune System By Tapping Your Thymus Gland


Do you know that your thymus gland, located beneath the upper part of your breast bone in your chest, is the most faithful defender of your immune systems? That’s according to Dr. John Diamond’s brilliant discovery. Dr. Diamond, creator of behavioral kinesiology, says that the thymus gland monitors and regulates energy flow along the entire meridian system. His research shows that’s it’s perfectly possible to stimulate your thymus gland and keep your body and immune system high in energy by lightly tapping your breast bone often.

Before Dr. diamond’s discovery, it was believed that the thymus gland became ‘redundant’ after puberty and quietly shrank away. Because the thymus gland is so vitally involved in the growth surge, it does indeed slow down and sometimes shrink slightly after puberty. Dr. diamond said, far from being redundant, the thymus is the ‘factory’ for the lymphocyte defenders of our immune system and any further shrinkage of this gland is caused by the stress and our reaction to it.

Here’s what Dr. Diamond teaches : Several times a day, lightly tap your thymus. Tap your chest rapidly, using both hands alternatively, fifteen to twenty times, preferably when you are under the shower. Remember Tarzan thumping his chest? That, in effect, is what he was doing, boosting his courage and energy levels by developing a more active thymus gland.

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