Magnetism and Remote Magnetism


Magnetism helps to re-balance our energy and promote healing of the body’s organs. When our energy does not pass, or worse, is directed at an internal organ, it no longer works optimally and disease sets in gradually. The hypnotist allows energy to flow normally releasing blockages caused by stress, fear, shock (physical or verbal), and frustration. The cosmos, the earth, the human being – everything is energy. The hypnotist balances the energy of the person, but also captures the energy that surrounds it (universal energy), to allow patients to regain health.

Remote magnetism is as effective as contact magnetism. It works by intention and concentration. If the hypnotist knows the person he or she does not need any direct interaction, the concentration in the direction of the person enough. Otherwise, of course, a picture of the person is required to direct his/her energy to the energy that surrounds the sick, injured or deficient to his body.

Magnetism accompanies medical care of the patient but does not substitute for a doctor. The hypnotist will never ask the patient who comes to see him to stop medical treatment and never makes diagnosis. It merely serves as additional relief to those people who ask for help.

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