Reflexology What is Reflexology?

Reflexologie Plantaire

An Ancient Technique

Reflexology is an ancient technique of digital impression: each part of the body is represented on a particular place of the foot, called a “reflex zone“.

Stimulating these reflex zones can locate tensions, restore balance and improve the body’s self-healing abilities.


  • Relaxation: stress is causing many physical and mental dysfunctions. Relaxation is facilitated by the stimulation of 7200 nerve endings located in the feet
  • Activation of the blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Relieving painful symptoms: back pain, visceral pain, headache
  • Improvement of major body functions: breathing, digestion, hormonal regulation


Foot reflexology is totally discouraged if phlebitis and trombo-phlebitis exists.

In pregnant women, sessions are possible but must be performed by a professional who is knowledgeable regarding which areas of the foot should be avoided from stimulation. For pregnant women, the metamorphic technique may be an attractive alternative.


The sessions take place on a massage table, and last from 45 minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes, depending on the vitality of the subject. The number of sessions required varies depending on the objectives, but usually take about 5-8 sessions .


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